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Facilities and Services


Let us assist you on your developing your perfect product.

R&D laboratory 


Sipro have full facilities of in-house laboratory and a team of experienced chemist that focuses on innovations and constant product improvements. We emphasize on producing high quality ready to market products and offer personalized formulations to our clients. 



Manufacturing Processes


Our independent and modern manufacturing facilities create and manufacture the highest quality products in the most effective and efficient time possible. All of our workers are highly trained and we maintain a clean and organized work environment to promote quality productions and smooth workflow process. 


Stability Test 


In order to ensure the highest quality for our clients, our partners in UK  lab are able to accommodate eye irritation test, skin irritation test, microbe test and many more.




We understand product packaging is integral part in the branding process. That's why we partner with best supplier to have readymade bottles or custom packaging. We can also provide to you custom mould if you want to be outstanding and create your own signature packaging.




We aim to have all products delivered as quickly as possible. Whatever you’re shipping entails, we’ll meet your particular needs. We regularly ship small packages or large International containers and routinely work with UPS, FedEx and USPS. We can use our client’s carrier of preference, and can also work through freight forwarders. All shipping is inspected by our shipping manager and undergoes a final quality check to ensure that all packages are adequately prepared, secured and ready for departure.

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